Word of Welcome

The city of Newcastle upon Tyne is energized and fully anticipating hosting the European Thyroid Association Annual Meeting in 2018.
We will be delighted to share with ETA members our spectacular setting, a modern purpose-built music venue overlooking the river Tyne. Known as the Sage Gateshead, we have 3 excellent auditoria with second to none acoustics to accommodate the ETA’s exciting scientific programme. Sage Gateshead is ideally situated on the buzzing Newcastle-Gateshead Quayside, within 5 minutes walk of six large hotels, excellent restaurants and many of the city’s historic attractions. 
There is a long history of thyroidology associated with Newcastle: in 1891 Dr. George Murray treated the first hypothyroid patients with sheep thyroid extract. As well as coal, Brown Ale and Earl Grey tea, Newcastle is also famous as one of the UK’s friendliest cities, and has won awards as “Best City in the UK”. 
Apart from the excellent scientific programme that ETA will offer, our region has some of the most interesting cultural and historical sites in England, including the world heritage sites of Hadrian’s Wall and Durham Cathedral, as well as spectacular shopping in the compact City centre and in the nearby Metro Centre. Close to Sage Gateshead, there’s also the Baltic modern art gallery and even a small beach known as the ‘Quayside seaside’, if you want to take a 15 minute recharge break. 
We look forward to hosting you in Newcastle for what will be an excellent scientific and memorable social programme.

Simon Pearce

Chair of the Local Organising Committee